👋 Hola, we're Fernanda and Cat (and Zelda and Akira) !

We live in Austin, TX, originally from Mexico City and Los Angeles. Our pups are Zelda, a native Texan, and Akira, a Latina from Mexico City.

Celzo started out in our kitchen, where Fernanda mixed and matched flavors after wondering “why can’t I find something good for me and delicious?” So she decided to create it herself.

Thank you for supporting our family-owned business. We can't wait to bring you a taste of Latin America to your home.

Con amor, Fer, Cat, Zelda & Akira

About Celzo

Celzo is your soda replacement and sparkling water upgrade.

We're the 1st hemp infused Sparkling Water inspired by Latin American flavors and culture. It’s functional hydration packed with vitamins.

When you drink Celzo, the sacrifice of having to choose between flavor or health no longer exists.

Celzo is diverse from its core: Women-Owned, LGTBQ+ and Latina. Celzo proposes a Mexican-style cure for stress and anxiety, and that is to find happiness in adversity.

Unlike brands that promote hemp to "give you a break", we want you to learn to find happiness in the present and live in the moment. Each time you open a Celzo, it’s a kind reminder to let go of things that are not in your control and enjoy a moment of flavor.

Give yourself more amor!