Your daily

guilt-free treat

essential vitaminas

Infused with Vitamina C, B12 & L-Theanine.

Only natural agave

No Sucralose. No chemical sweeteners.

All natural

High-quality ingredientes.


Recetas Mexicanas.

Low cal

Low sugar, más sabor (flavor)

Supports energía

Al natural focus & stress-relief.

    Strawberry Hibiscus Mint

    Strawberry Hibiscus Mint

    From $47.99

    Tamarindo Mexican Candy

    Tamarindo Mexican Candy

    From $47.99

    Lemon Ginger Basil

    Lemon Ginger Basil

    From $47.99

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tamarindo mexican candy
smarter hydration
Celzo is your daily beverage, after or during working hours, after a workout for recovery and during dinner to keep a smile on your face. Get your healthy treat!
"one of the
best flavors
i've ever had"
soda alternative &
Water Upgrade

Our elevated approach to Agua Fresca captures nostalgic Mexican flavors while keeping calorías and sugars low.

Made with natural flavors, herbs, and vitaminas, our lightly carbonated recipes are sweetened with natural agave (nothing artificial here).

We made it healthy enough for you to chug on!


!Hola Gente!

Hola Gente!

I’m Fernanda, the creadora and fundadora of Celzo Agua Fresca.

Celzo started in the heart of Mexico City, rooted in my own journey as a founder. After completing my master's degree at  UT Austin McCombs Business School, I realized there was a huge gap in the beverage industry  – something functional and delicious that sits between unhealthy sodas and flavorless over-carbonated seltzer waters.

In Mexico, we have a solution for this problemita: Agua Fresca– a heavenly mix of fresh fruit, water, and a sweetener. Ours is slightly elevated than your normal Agua Fresca: they're infused with vitamins, and they offer a sweet escape that isn't as boring as coffee or as wild as a cocktail. It's a momento that's purely about soaking up the goodness.

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